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PetSmile Month depends a great deal upon the support of friends in commerce to allow it to provide the Health and Veterinary Dentistry Promotion service to pet owners and to the veterinary profession. The companies below have made a firm commitment to promoting veterinary dental health and providing high quality dental products. PetSmile Month is grateful for their support and happy to encourage you to try their products & services.

We would especially like to thank:-

Petosan double-headed dental brush for optimal performance

Designed by a team of dentists and veterinarians
Makes adequate dental cleaning at home easier to accomplish
The brush is angled towards the teeth and gumline for optimal plaque removal
Cleans the inside and outside surfaces at the same time

Genitrix is a British veterinary pharmaceutical company which manufactures a range of innovative veterinary therapies for dogs, cats, exotics and equines, including its Dentagen Dental Programme.

Dentagen Dental Protection Programme Dentagen is a novel approach to dental plaque inhibition. It contains RF2, a natural anti-plaque compound that prevents oral bacteria from producing plaque. The Dentagen range consists of the following products:

Dentagen Wax for application immediately after a dental procedure, providing protection as soon as it is applied.
Dentagen Chews are highly palatable and suitable for every other day feeding, which supplements the levels of RF2 following Dentagen wax application.
Dentagen Aqua is a palatable water additive which contains RF2 to prevent bad breath and control plaque build up.
Dentagen Toothpaste contains RF2 which inhibits plaque formation between brushing times as well as giving the added gold standard of mechanical action. No other toothpaste has this inhibitory effect. Every tube is packaged with a finger-brush

CEVA Animal Health Ltd is an established veterinary pharmaceutical company specialised in the manufacture of innovative products. Amongst their range are the LOGIC dental hygiene products: LOGIC Oral Hygiene Gel and LOGIC OROZYME Chews.

ProDen PlaqueOff Animal is a completely natural product. It is a special type of seaweed which has been found to have specific beneficial effects for oral care. It comes in a granulated form which is easily added to food every day. It is rich in natural iodine and contains important vitamins and minerals and is free from artificial colours, preservatives, gluten and sugar.

The KRUUSE Group is a well-known and leading, international production, marketing and service group founded in 1896. We are looking back at a corporate history of over 100 years of bringing the veterinary markets and products, manufactures, brands, technologies and applications together.

Our VISION is to become the preferred supplier and business partner in the veterinary world.

Our MISSION is to produce, market, sell and distribute products that improve animal well-being and help those who work with animals to better working conditions.

IGP is welcomed in 2010 as a first time sponsor for Pet Smile Month. IGP have introduced the superb Durr Digital CR7 Dental X-Ray processor into the UK vet market. This has been accepted by many leading professionals as an excellent aid to providing superior dental care and treatment.

Pet Smile Practices

We'd like to thank all those Veterinary Practices that have committed a great deal of time and effort into the promotion of Veterinary Dentistry. PetSmile Month practices have donated professional time to carrying out PetSmile Oral Check-Ups and to completing the PetSmile Month Survey. Without the cooperation of our colleagues PetSmile Month could not exist. We honour and respect all of the pet care teams at PetSmile Month veterinary practices.

OakBeck and VetHospital Ltd

For providing the support to allow Bob to continue running PetSmile Month and for providing the best possible care for the pets in the Harrogate area.

The UK Veterinary Wholesalers

The UK is well served by its Veterinary Wholesalers. They hold massive stocks and are able to quickly source items that are needed by the profession. Often they manage to provide next day delivery service, whilst operating on tiny margins that their European or medical and dental counterparts would laugh at. All of this not only benefits UK vet practices - but also our clients and patients. PetSmile Month is also very grateful for their help in distributing materials that promote oral health care.

National Veterinary Services (NVS) is the UK market leader, as measured in terms of market share, in the supply and distribution of veterinary products to companion animal and livestock veterinary practices plus other approved outlets. NVS stocks a range of over 14,000 products including pharmaceuticals, pet products, consumables and accessories. NVS has also developed a range of IT solution for veterinary practices which are branded Vetcom. Vetcom’s principal objective is to collect orders electronically.

NVS believe that now is the time to invest in the future of the veterinary profession. "What is clear is that competition will always be with us," says Martin Riley, Managing Director. "It is those practices who understand where they add value for their clients and focus their resources on continual improvement that will grow and prosper. Our role is to help them achieve their goals."

Centaur Services understand the demands of the veterinary market and appreciate their customer's business needs.

Delivery is all important and Centaur continue to invest in the very latest technology to ensure it only gets better. Orders placed by 6.30pm will be delivered the next day. Efficient stock management and distribution systems enable us to stock 9000 products and supply over 16,000 products in total.

Dunlops are the leading supplier of veterinary products and services in the United Kingdom.

Depending on the location and needs of the practice, Dunlops offer a same day or next day delivery service to veterinary practices. For same day customers, an order may be placed by 10.30am and will be delivered later that day. Next day customers can place their orders until 7pm and receive their delivery early the following morning.

VSSCO are the supplier of choice for veterinary practices in Northern Ireland.

Operating from their facility in Lisburn, VSSCO ensure regular and reliable supplies to veterinary practices. A high quality of service - delivered with friendship and a smile.

Hello PetSmile "Just to say a big thank you for your easy fast and efficient service for my order of dental gel capsules i will certainly use you again."
Kind regards , Derek John