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Information - Dental Treatment

There are a number of veterinary surgeons in the UK that see more complex dental cases.

Pets who have had fractured teeth either need to have the tooth removed or a root canal treatment may be possible. This is where the dead contents of the tooth are removed and the tooth filled with a special sort of rubber. This way the tooth can remain in the mouth. This is important for some working dogs such as Police dogs or army guard dogs. Many show dogs can continue with successful careers after root canal treatments. But even ordinary pets can benefit from keeping a full mouth of teeth. As one simple example if the upper canine tooth (the big fang) is removed from a cat - then the bottom fang can end up spearing into the upper lip when the mouth is closed.

Crowns can be made for our pets' teeth. These can be more complex than standard human crowns - mainly because most laboratories will have little experience of the special shapes.

Tumours and growths are quite common in the mouth. Accurate diagnosis and management (both medical and surgical) is very important. Often these cases are referred to veterinary dentists for treatment.

Orthodontics is the science of moving teeth. Sometimes this is necessary to prevent pain and trauma.

Extractions - some extractions can be very difficult to carry out in normal veterinary practice. There is also a condition of cats which requires all of the teeth (and especially the roots) to be completely removed. These are sometimes referred to a practice which has a special interest in dentistry.

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