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Information - Toothbrushing

Brushing our pet's teeth is the gold standard for prevention of dental disease. It is important to make sure that toothbrushing is fun for ALL concerned - otherwise it won't be done on a daily basis & regular daily toothbrushing is key to prevention of dental disease.

Top Tips
It is important not to use ordinary human toothpaste. This has not been designed to be swallowed and the mineral content may cause problems. Special toothpastes have been developed that are safe for pet use, the Logic Oral Hygiene Gel is made in an attractive flavour and is highly palatable for both cats and dogs.

Pet Smile Month has found a special toothbrush which actually cleans both sides of the teeth at once. This brush is available from your vet, or you can purchase it on line from the Shop.

The bristles of this well designed toothbrush have rounded tips and are sufficiently firm to remove plaque - yet not so stiff as to result in damage to the delicate tissues. The bristles gently clean down below the gum line (into the sub-gingival space) and help to stop the buildup of plaque and calculus. This sub-gingival area is perhaps the most important area of the tooth to clean, infection here can lead to damage to the periodontal tissues and tooth loss. It is vitally important to use a properly designed toothbrush.

Hello PetSmile "Just to say a big thank you for your easy fast and efficient service for my order of dental gel capsules i will certainly use you again."
Kind regards , Derek John